Haiti project update October 2020 - EarthSpark International has now deployed SUNSPOT™ systems at ten households in rural Haiti and have started collecting data for the upcoming study. They sent me a bunch of photos that showed the progress of installations, but there was one photo that thrilled me the most. The photo shows an EarthSpark technician doing "hands-on" training on use of the new electric appliances -- in this case an electric pressure cooker. But the best part is that the "trainee" is a young girl who is learning to adjust the dial on the cooker.
Hopefully this girl will be able to grow up in a household which is not filled with smoke and other gasses from wood or charcoal cookstoves. Hopefully, she will not be asked to spend hours each day collecting cooking fuel or tending cooking fires. Hopefully she will be able to focus on going to school and getting a solid education so she can help improve her life and her community. That's a lot of hope from one picture, but that is how I felt when I first saw this photo.

SunSpot training