This page has links to some of the documents and articles that we have found interesting and useful during the development of the SUNSPOT™ system.


Elsevier / International Solar Energy Society “Renewable Transformation Challenge 2019” –

American Made Solar Prize –

IEEE Empower A Billion Lives –

Solar Electric Cooking

Gamos – A company working with the social factors surrounding technology use and transfer.  One of the original proponents of electric induction cookstoves to replace biomass.

MECS eCookBook: Beans and Cereals Edition – cooking traditional foods with efficient electric appliances.

ELSTOVE – British Based Blog on electric cooking in the developing world.

Other Cooking Technologies

Engineering for Change article – A review of other “innovative” clean cooking designs.

What is a Jiko? – The Jiko is a well-known product in Kenya and surrounding countries.

Mimi Moto Stove – Improved gasifier type cookstove

Clean Cooking Alliance – Simple description of Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Standards

Practical Action – Low tech, locally made “improved cookstoves”

teleSUR – Ecuadorean program to promote induction cooking.


NSolV8 – PV system sizing software

Firefly International Energy – Advanced deep cycle lead-carbon batteries

Clean Cookstove Testing – Stove Manufacturers Emissions & Performance Test Protocol (EPTP) – Lasting Impact sustainable off-grid solar delivery to power health and education